Webinar: Conducting an Effective CEO Evaluation

CEO Evaluation

Conducting an effective annual evaluation of your charter organization's CEO is one of the most important ways a board can foster a healthy relationship with its leader.

  • Walk-In Clinic: Tuesday, March 21st at 2:00pm EST

This session will combine knowledge with action as we talk through specifics of planning and conducting a CEO evaluation. In addition, we will be demonstrating how this is accomplished with BoardOnTrack's CEO evaluation tool.

CEO Evaluation BoardOnTrack.jpg

High-Impact, Low Effort

Leader Evaluations A guided step by step program for evaluating the charter school leader and strengthening the board-CEO partnership that finally best-practices easy to follow.

National Expertise, Personalized Coaching

Your board will benefit from process and tools developed across 20+ years of experience supporting charter school leader evaluations while working with a governance coach on your particular circumstances.

Built Specifically For the Charter School Leader

60 questions around the core and job specific competencies of the school leader role. Collect feedback from senior staff, trustees and school leader.

Strengthen the Partnership, Align the Organization 

Work with your governance coach to interpret assessment results, communicate feedback and develop strategic goals that align the organization with clear, measurable objectives.