Case Study: Equitas Academy

As a free public elementary school in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles, Equitas Academy Charter School delivers a safe and organized learning environment to students in this very economically challenged area. Since it received its charter in 2009, the school has used the “Equitas Way” to create a rigorous learning environment with a college preparatory focus.


  • In the first year of operation, the school’s small administrative staff was greatly taxed by the 15-20 hours required to support board activities each month.

  • The Executive Director felt the need to attend every committee meeting as well as the general board meetings, which sapped time and energy away from other mission-critical activities.

Examples from the Equitas Case Study

Board management pulls staff resources away from student-oriented activities

  • “I was attending every committee meeting, preparing agendas and minutes and then doing my own preparation for the board meetings.

Clerical automation plus centralized document management delivers improved efficiency

  • A BoardOnTrack Membership with it’s unique combination of web-based resources and personal, one-to-one coaching fit the bill. 

Solution provides “multiple benefits” 

  • The CEO Evaluation has improved her communications with the board. “I really like it.My board can now give me feedback I never got before. They never would have done that without BoardOnTrack”.

Future process improvements

  • “I used to do all the on-boarding myself, but now the Governance Committee takes the lead.”

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